Insurance and reinsurance industry

Risks around the world are increasing every day. The insurance industry is experiencing high growth, but it is obliged to pay large sums for damages and contractual insurances. Frequent political, social, economic and technological changes have become unpredictable in the insurance industry as well.

We provide legal services and representations for insurance and reinsurance companies in the country and abroad in all necessary cases. Uncertainty in the market and the frequent movements of insurance legislation make our clients look for professional and objective legal analysis. We offer advice to overcome challenges that insurance and reinsurance companies can pass on. We cooperate with our customers to be ready for the changes, the unexpected and the events that may occur.

We provide legal services and advice in the application procedures for insurance companies, advice on the legal regulation of insurance and reinsurance, opening of branches of foreign companies in our country, follow-up of legal changes from the insurance industry, maintenance of clients informed about insurance trends. We offer creative legal advice and solutions on entering the insurance market and implementing projects from the insurance industry.

Joining the insurance expertise and legal practice gives our work attractiveness and opportunity to achieve business growth and development. We also offer representation on administrative and judicial bodies to protect and advance the client’s interest.