Foreign Direct Investment

We offer legal analyses for protection and legal issues on foreign investments in Kosovo; all of our analyses are based on UNICITRAL regulations. Our aim is to protect foreign investors with a set of fundamental and enforceable legal rights; that investors and their investments are treated and protected with fairness and respect in strict accordance with the rule of law and widely accepted international standards and practices.

We analyze and notice to our clients for the opportunity of unreasonable action or inaction, any discrimination in actions, managing, exploitation or removal of the foreign investment organization. In addition, we offer legal advices for investment implementation according to standards of the environment protection and for disputes that might be appear prior or during the foreign investments in Kosovo.

In case of appearing the obstacles or irregularities in foreign investment process, we offer legal advices to claim the reimbursement form damage caused without the investor’s action, especially in cases of the expropriation after the foreign investments occurred. In those cases, we will advise and represent our clients at the local or international judicial institutions, local or international arbitration in order to resolve the disputes arising from the foreign investment and to reimburse damages caused from the public or private institutions.