Energy and other natural resources

The industry of energy every day faces with challenges, in the other side the requirements for the exploitation of energy are growing up in every single day.

The social needs for energy and its impact on the environment have influenced the establishment of o lot environmental organizations.

The national and international legal regulation of this field must be the best solution for setting the equivalence between of exploration of energy and environmental protection.

With proactive access and very dimensional, we cooperate with a lot of local and international business, local and international institutions, governmental and non-governmental institutions and with company of energy to offer the competent and professional legal analysis. Our purpose is to convert these challenges into a valuable and profitable investment opportunity.

To our clients we offer competent expertise related with primary and secondary legislation of the energy, we help in the potential negotiations with private and public institutions for investment in industry of energy, we advise on the added care toward of bureaucratic procedures, furthermore we help on preparation of relevant legal documentations.