We offer legal advises and services for procurements procedures, to increase and make better formulation of the financial strategies, to increase benefits for our clients and reduce the risks.

We offer legal services for local and international subjects, we cooperate with government institutions, private and public organizations, and private businesses, including all the legislations aspects of the public procurements and other relevant legislation of the Kosovo.

We are innovative to work in pro-active way in order to protect the interests of our clients and to represent them on complex projects of the procurements. In addition, we offer legal consulting on strategic and practice approach to the procurements problems, public-private partnerships, privatizations, internationals agencies and other institutions in country.

Our services are based on legal trends and other secondary legislation on procurement scope. Furthermore, we offer legal services for tendering process, the demands for necessary tenders documentation, advices for prequalification process, drafting the requisitions and other necessary documentation on specific and general scopes, advices while the procurements process, services on bidder’s requirements and on tenderer replies, tender documentations and other necessary negotiations while of all procurements process. We represent our clients to the economic operators, second-degree administrative institutions and through lawsuit on judicial procedures.